Automated Vitals Application

AVA Doctor revolutionary rethinks healthcare business models including united healthcare Insurance and the way how healthcare providers work placing prevention in the centre as a key, keeping people healthy as long as possible.

We are at a Great Moment for Healthcare
When Digital Health and Online Doctor make
Real-Time Healthcare System a reality

We have never been in a better position to take care of our own health, using the internet-connected devices, and advanced sensors.

United Healthcare

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Closed-Loop Medication
Outcome Prediction

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Online Doctor

Patient Data Access
Patient Engagement
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Remote Monitoring

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Digital Health

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About Us

AVA Doctor Reimagine Healthcare Entirely

Nowadays healthcare providers specialize, focusing specifically on one medical condition, which only works if you organize prevention and care tasks within a networked community.

AVA Doctor supports home-care scenarios extending the business of a traditional acute care and opens innovative ways to provide healthcare such as medical tourism.

The best example is a service where you take a vital signs measures and instantly share it with a healthcare provider, and immediately receive a diagnosis or a prescription. 


Vital Signs Bracelet: CE, FCC, IP67 and ROHS

Diabetics: FDA

This is what we do
Digital Health

AVA Doctor
revolutionary re-think healthcare business models placing prevention in the centre as a key, keeping people healthy as long as possible.

Digital Healthcare AVA Doctor

AVA Doctor
re-design work for all healthcare professionals as they become coaches that support and advise patients across all aspects of their health.

Online Doctor AVA Doctor

AVA Doctor
enable virtualized care and family doctor venues and allow the patients to receive health services in their living room.

Remote Monitoring AVA Doctor